The CASA/GAL volunteer is guided by the “best interest” priciple when advocating for a child.

Since its creation by a family court judge in Seattle, Court Appointed Special Advocates has become on of the most effective programs of its kind.  Today there are 949 CASA programs around the country.  It is a unique blend of private support, public need and the kind of people power that comes from more than 76,000 volnteers all committed to the rights of every child in the foster care and child welfare system.

What is a CASA Volunteer

Boone County Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Program

A Child’s voice in Court


The Role of a CASA Volunteer

To serve as a fact-finder for the Court.  A CASA’s research should include reviewing documents and interviewing the child(ren), parents, care givers, school officials and other professionals.  Reports on the findins are written and submitted to the GAL/CASA office for review and then submitted to the Court.

To speak for the child in the courtroom,  focusing exclusively on the child’s best interest.  Is it best for a child to be placed with other family members?  In a foster home? A therapeutic facility?  Or returned home wiht ongoing services?  Is it best for the child to then remain in the home/foster care/therapeutic facility or t be released for adoption?  A CASA provides the judge with the information that helps answer these questions in the best interest of the child.

To continue to act as an advocate for the child  throughout the case, ensuring that the child is provided a permanent home that is safe, loving, nurturing and secure.

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Children without CASA involvement are spending an average of over eight months longer in care, compared to children having CASA involvement.

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